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The Flaming Artist Speaks to the World

The Flaming Artist is not just an artist! No! He’s also a writer! He just can't shut up! We have for your late-night reading pleasure several textual creations about what it's like to be an Artist, while Flaming:

  • My Back Pages,” an essay from True Adult Fantasy number 1. He says: “I wanted it so bad I thought I'd die…”
  • Sexual Mentoring,” an essay from True Adult Fantasy number 2. He says: “my erotic ideals were men old enough to be my father.”

  • The Amsterdam Trip Diary/Blog, which he wrote during his journey to Amsterdam where his art was being displayed at, basically, a sex toys shop. If it really is the middle of the night and you can't sleep, we definitely recommend reading this one, as it is long and interesting.

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