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This is something else yet again. It is:

  • Queer as hell
  • Very funny
  • Gripping and exciting

This is unlike anything on the market. Not like great gay story comix like Stuck Rubber Baby, because there's lots of sex in it. Not like gay sex comix because it's got characters, plot, setting etc. Not like Gay Comics because it's a graphic novel, longer than a single story. And it goes to the heart of the matter, bringing in gender, homophobia, what it means to be male, parental ties, marriage ties, and, as we said, a large amount of fucking.

So is this for you? Are you a consumer of pornography? Or of stories? One publisher told us that that's the problem—it doesn't fit into the pornography niche or the story niche. So please buy it. What more can we say.

Scroll down to see what some other people have said. Thanks to all.

Harry and Dickless Tom

Alison Bechdel, author of Fun Home and Are You My Mother, was nice enough to write—but it's true!:

"If you're running out of bookshelf space, toss all the gender theory and porn and replace it with this slender volume. Brad Rader's erotic road trip is smart, hot, beautifully drawn, and surprisingly transcendant."

Here's what Howard Cruse, author of Wendel and Stuck Rubber Baby, kindly wrote:

"Brad Rader has cooked up a steamy broth of motor oil, semen, and testosterone stirred in with hairy trucker beef slabs...."

Mike Wellman, author of Gone South and a stalwart friend, wrote this for us:

"Primal and psychedelic. Rader is showing his true mastery of the art..."

Batton Lash, author of the enderaring Supernatural Law, wrote this:

"Harry and Dickless Tom is quite an achievement. A very unique premise. Kudos for taking such a wild concept and going the distance with it."

Chip Kidd, a brilliant book designer who appears to design every furshlugginer book that comes out, and who is a friend, wrote this:

"In what has to be one of the most pornographic morality tales ever committed to American comics, Brad Rader has created a bizarrely entertaining story."

Josh Dysart, who has written for Swamp Thing and is a friend who has published comics himself, wrote:

"...regardless of your orientation and as long as you set aside sexual preconceptions so that you can see this story for what it truly is—pure and simple truth about the human condition couched in the genre of gay erotica—then you'll love this comic book. So let go of any fear you may have of the big, hairy, homophobic, asshole trucker..."

Justin Hall, author of True Travel Tales, which is a comic I like, wrote:

"...while all art is indeed an act of courage, some works are braver than others. Harry and Dickless Tom takes chances both formally and thematically. But even more, it wears its heart on its sleeve, and that is a difficult, rare, and beautiful thing."

And for our last act, ending with a big bang, the illustrious Gary Panter, author of Jimbo and Dal Tokyo, designer of Pee Wee's Playhouse, was kind enough to read the book and to write:

"An essential tonic for the shriveled imagination of our pathetic, conformist, consumerist, sheepbrained, puritanical society. ... Can you pass the Harry and Dickless Tom Test?"

Get the comic for $19.95 plus postage. This is just over 100 pages, 8 and a half inches by eleven inches, nice black and white printing on slick paper, full-color cover colored by Sean-Z, introduction by Josh Dysart, afterword by Justin Hall, blah, blah blah. Please buy.

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Sample comic book pages

Page 15

Harry and Dickless Tom page 15

Page 31

Harry and Dickless Tom page 31

Page 53

Harry and Dickless Tom page 53

A couple of panels from page 65

Harry and Dickless Tom page 65

A couple of panels from page 69

Harry and Dickless Tom page 69

A couple of panels from page 88

Harry and Dickless Tom page 88

And to show you our heart's in the right place, a heart-warming panel from page 98

Harry and Dickless Tom page 98

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