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  • Mark Reed has a sexy art site at Studio H112.
  • Listen to an appearance on Sodomite Radio on the NowLive social networking site. Download the podcast and hear me be interviewed by Mitch, Marty, and Ron.
    Sodomite Radio
  • Lene Taylor Lene Taylor has an MP3 interview with me on her blog. Her pod blog is sweet and knowledgable, her opinions are well-founded, interesting, and informative, and it was fun to be interviewed, and you'll learn lots more about me. Her site contains m/m sex fan fiction written by her.
  • A cute idea is Bear Roulette which, with each spin of the wheel, takes you to a random bear-oriented spot on the Web.
    Bear Roulette
  • One everybody knows is the Sexy Father of us All, Tom of Finland.
    Tom of Finland Foundation
  • Prism Comics is the organization of gay comics makers. Lots of links to gay comics.
    Prism Comics
  • I like Joe Phillips. Great web site. If you're into twink, this is for you.
    Joe Phillips
  • Thanks to François Peneaud, somewhere in France, who runs the Gay Comics List with its many, many gay comics-related links. He's added me to the list!
    Gay Comics List
  • Adult DVD Gold sells DVDs and dildos, and we’re swapping links.
    Adult DVD Gold

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