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True Adult Fantasy Number 2

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The second issue of the Flaming Artist's book True Adult Fantasy is twice as big as the first one — 64 pages of sleazy (ahem) pictures of men. I’m tellin’ you, these men are not wimps! They are not twinkies! You want them! Get the comic for $14.95 (cheap) plus postage and the friggin’ bag we ship it in.

There are a lot of stories to think about in these pictures. And two more episodes of the hard-hitting, ever-fascinating comic book story about trucker sex, Harry and Dickless Tom., now available as a complete graphic novel.

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True Adult Fantasy Number 2 Sample comic book pages

Scroll down to see a few sample pages from the book.

True Adult Fantasy number 2

Page 31

True Adult Fantasy number 2

Inside Cover

True Adult Fantasy number 2

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