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The Flaming Artist is currently peddling six (count 'em) sexy comic books. Two are coloring books with sexy pictures of men. One is a graphic novel about seamy sex in noir San Francisco. Two are artistic collections of gay male erotic art. One is a hard-to-describe graphic novel by written, penciled, and inked by yours truly.

You can see what people have said about Harry & Dickless Tom here.

True Adult Fantasy Coloring Book: Vertical Edition

True Adult Fantasy Coloring Book: Horizontal Edition

True Adult Fantasy Coloring Book Horizontal Edition and Vertical Edition
Each one of the 24 homo-erotic drawings in each book tells, or at least suggests, a story that you can make up for yourself as you color away. They are created by the eroticist operating under the alias of “Flaming Artist”. (You might also know him as “Raider or Bradley C. Rader.) Some of these drawings are re-purposed from pieces that appeared in Drummer, First Hand, and In Touch For Men, back in the mid 80’s; others have been done especially for this volume. Enjoy!

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True Adult Fantasy Number 1 is 32 pages of sexy pictures of real men being sexy with each other — like, for example, the “Computer Programmers in Love” that you see on the cover here. You can buy it for $12.95 cheap plus shipping and handling. The black-and-white drawings in this book are like boutique pepper sauce: very hot, very colorful, and very tasty. It also contains the trial run of the beginning of Harry and Dickless Tom.

True Adult Fantasy Number 2 is twice as big as TAF Number 1 — 64 pages of sleazy (did we say that?) smutty (must have been you that said that) pictures of men. I’m tellin’ you, these men are not wimps! They are not twinkies! You want them! Get the comic for $14.95 (kinda cheap) plus postage and the friggin’ bag we ship it in. This also has a couple of continuation chapters of Harry and Dickless Tom.

Harry and Dickless Tom True Adult Fantasy Number 1 True Adult Fantasy Number 2
Hard to Swallow Number 4

Justin Hall and Dave Davenport's Hard to Swallow number 4: The Flaming Artist has an eight-page story in it. The story is a spoof of Jack Kirby superhero comics, featuring a guy who can't get traction in West Hollywood because he's not super enough in the dick department. He gets his revenge though, you bet. The other stories in this comic are also fine, exciting, funny, and well-drawn.

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Art of Brad Rader

The Art of Brad Rader is 60 pages with literally hundreds of images crammed in. These are sexy pictures from Brad's notebooks, sketchbooks, and brain. There are a lot of men in here. If you like Brad's book... you know what to do.

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Fogtown, with a script by Andersen Gabrych and art by the Flaming Artist, is a noir romp through gritty 1950's San Francisco. It's a sexy and somewhat horrifying mystery. Perfect for fans of the genre.

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